Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is a technique of building the quality and quantity of website visitors by enhancing the visualness of a website to users of a web search engine such as Google. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) assigns to the improvement of unpaid results and excludes the purchase of paid listings - Pay Per Click (PPC).
Search Engine Optimisation

Understanding SEO

Here's a snippet of what to expect from well structured SEO

What's the time frame for good SEO?

It's dependent on the quality of the website and other factors including; age of domain, level of competition, quality of content and well structured META data.

Can SEO help my business?

A well optimised website will generate non-paid traffic to your business stretching your marketing Pound further for other online & offline marketing activities.

What are SEO Keywords?

Website Pages are optimized for keywords; Page Descriptions, Titles and Keywords alondside ALT Tags and H TAGS. The content of the page must compliment the keyword structure

What is keyword building?

Once a keyword structure is in place, keyword building comes into play. Typically this would be a blog / news feed on the home page creating intelligent narrative wrapped around keywords and backlinking to internal and external pages. A time stamp is ideal as it informs search engines that the content is relevant for today, not yesteryear.

Organic SEO vs. PPC

Pay per Click (ppc) advertising can become very expensive over a period of time but if the PPC campaign is targeted well, a website can be the highest ranked under a search term. Good organic SEO means that you don't pay for a search engine listing and this will become self-liquidating for a marketing budget.

Creative Brief

We thoroughly examin a business, competition, outlook, and much more. Through this process we create an architectural plan that guides our creative process.

SEO Practices

Here are some short but useful videos to get an understanding of how SEO works. We have selected four videos which are informative but will only take up 10 minutes of your time.

How does Google Search Work

Here's an overview of how Google indexes a website for relevant searches on the web


Adding value to users with good content.

Building an online presence

By listing a business on Google Business will help local users find your services or products online.

SEO Good Practices

A snippet of how to climb up Google rankings with a strong organic presence.


Responsive Web Design

We build websites compatible with iOS / Android devices, PCs and Apple desktops. We can develop a responsive website that looks great for all devices.


Ecommerce Stores

Sell your products online 24/7, with an online storefront. We can create your store with secure order processing, subscription management, membership sales, and much more.


Brand Identity

Nectarine Digital can develop and create a new logo and brand that improves your existing or new business. By adopting a unique logo and print collateral will develop your audience, foster new relationships and promote brand awareness.