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We've helped many businesses throughout the years to communicate with their clientele which converts encouraging RIO

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87% of smartphone users view their emails and check their inbox three times as often as people using desktops.

Given these statistics, businesses rely on email marketing to increase brand awareness, engage with customers, and boost revenue streams.

Businesses can create, send, and track effective and engaging emails, we have put together this guide to Email Marketing. This guide is a tool for helpful and actionable advice, tips, and know-how to help you be a better email marketer.

There are many marketing channels, but there’s a reason why 89% of marketers say that email marketing is their primary lead-generating channel.

Email marketing is affordable and an effective way to engage with customers that can have a significant impact on your profits.

Email Marketing

Here's are 5 reasons why businesses rely on email marketing:

Email has a great ROI.

Stretch your marketing Pound as far as possible. For many years email marketing is the channel generating the biggest Return of Investment, with over 70 percent of businesses planning to increase their marketing budget on email channels.

Email marketing delivers conversions.

You want subscribers who open your emails to engage with you by focussing on conversion rates. Conversion rates are measured by click throughs and call to action / purchases.

Email conversion rates are 3 times higher compared to cold data social campaigns, with over 15 percent higher value in conversion.

Email is a tangible marketing channel, as you can monitor your conversion rate with every transmission sent. Having access to comprehensive dashboards that highlights the campaign's performance.

Over 5 billion email accounts exist worldwide.

Email excels social acquisitions.

Social Media is cold marketing and the net needs to be thrown wide, where as email beats social media in customer acquisition. Email is nearly 30 times more effective compared to social media channels; Facebook and Twitter.

Email provides control.

Social Media channels can change their terms at any point, and you have to follow their rules. Email, however is a communication channel that you control with your transmissions. Investing, growing and nurturing your email database won’t be compromised by algorithm or platform changes.

Creating an email marketing strategy

Here are some useful tips for your next email marketing strategy:

Define your goals.

The 1st step in creating your email marketing strategy is to map out your objectives. What are you hoping to achieve with your email strategy? A few common marketing goals include:

  • Selling £xxx worth of a product at launch
  • Growing a subscriber list
  • Increasing open and click-through rates
  • Converting current subscribers into buyers

Planning your KPIs.

Your goals are known as key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs are the metrics you use to establish if your email marketing strategy is successful or not.

Know your potential customers.

No matter how great your product is, not everyone will be recruited as a customer, so you need to establish the ideal person that is interested. By identifying your target market will help you generate a well-crafted email that will deliver a good RIO.

Choose your email automation tools carefully.

Your email marketing success depends on the tools that you choose to use. This is why choosing the right email platform is paramount allowing you to test, track and measure click throughs.

Build and florish your database.

To build a database of active followers, you need to engage with them and make your product or service specific for their needs. In order for your to build your followers and database, they will need to engage in your offering by giving their email address and possibly a few more details.

Segment and personalise.

Once you have compiled your email database, it’s essential that you segment the database. Segmentation allows you to send out personalised emails that is relevant to your subscriber. Make your offer / message specific as a targeted strategy does truly works.

Well-crafted email narrative converts.

Email narrative is a crucial part of your email message. To create a well structured email, you will have to make sure that your tone is relevant, timely, and personalised.

Optimised for mobile users.

According to research, 46% of emails are opened on a mobile device. If your email is not mobile compatible, you could stand to lose out on a large portion of your audience.